Yaesu DR1 repeater FM & C4FM 144/430MHz 50W at €500!

And if it was the right time to anticipate the migration from analogue to digital mode of your local amateur radio repeater?

There is an offer not to miss, until 30 June 2016 proposed by Yaesu and Passion Radio Shop : The Yaesu DR1-XE repeater in 19″ rack, dual band 144-430 MHz and dual mode conventional analogue for FM and digital mode in C4FM (System Fusion ).

C4FM is the digital mode from Yaesu and its System Fusion. Similar to digital DMR and Brandmeister with which it is already interconnectable via the Yaesu interface HRI-200 (in option) for connecting to the Internet and to the WIRES-X network Yaesu), the C4FM digital mode seems to offers better audio quality, more clear and natural in C4FM broad (25kHz).

repeater yaesu dr1 144 430 mhz fm c4fm fusion
The condition to benefit of this special offer is to be a radioclub association or organization, the repeater must have a callsign and be installed on site, in working mode either in FM mode and/or already in C4FM Fusion. This offer is not intended for home testing by individual.

A form need to be completed online to confirm the order of the Yaesu DR-1XE repeater at €500 (VAT Exc.) and instead of €1,000 (VAT Exc.).

Passion Radio Shop is based in France (Europe) and can ship almost all over the world.

Features Yaesu DR-1XE

– RX and TX frequency: VHF 144-146 and UHF 430 to 440 Mhz (European version)
– Modulation: F1D, F2D, F3E (FM) in analog and F7W, 4FSK (C4FM) in digital
– Narrow Bandwidth 12.5 kHz and wide 25 kHz
– Power: 50W
– Connectors antenna: 1 N female for RX, 1 N female for RX
– CTCSS and DCS for analog mode
– Size: 482 × 88 × 380 mm
– Weight 10 kg
– CE and FCC Standards
– 2 years warranty

Interface Yaesu HRI-200

yaesu hri 200 wires-x c4fm fusion

OUFTI-1: Launch of the first ham radio D-Star Cubesat satellite

This April 22, 2015 at 23:02 local time in Paris is scheduled for launch VS14 flight of a Soyuz rocket from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

The soyouz rocket will be carrying the Sentinel-1B satellite from the  “Copernicus” program, the Microscope satellite CNES and 3 micro-satellites CubeSats as part of the “Fly your satellite!” including for the first a amateur radio D-Star will be sent into space. Continue reading OUFTI-1: Launch of the first ham radio D-Star Cubesat satellite

HackRF One pre-sale now available in Europe

Lot of us were waiting to get a chance to have a HackRF SDR receiver and transceiver. This is it.

HackRF One is now available for pre-sale in Europe since May,1 2014 on my ham radio store onlien: Passion Radio Shop.

pre-sale hackrf one europe

HackRF One is an amazing SDR radio receiver AND transceiver equipment, that allow almost infinite possibilities in radiocommunication from 10Mhz to 6GHz!

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How to receive and decode ADS-B and ACARS GPS signals from aircraft with RTL-SDR

tracking gps ads-b acars aircraft FlightRadar24

The dramatic and mysterious crash of the Boeing 777’s Malaysia Airlines MH370, reminds us how radio systems and here geolocation and GPS tracking airplanes systems, are essential services, until that it can not be disabled or putting off as easily…

Surprisingly, radio technologies used for geolocation and tracking of aircraft are quite classic and easy to listen/decode, still nowadays.

From a radio point of view with SDR USB stick receiver, it has never been so easy and inexpensive to receive, decode yourself, GPS positioning information sent in real time by aircraft passing near his position !

Equipment is for less than 20€, with a simple USB DVB-T, DAB TV receiver USB stick, you can begin to receive and decode RTL-SDR GPS info sent in ADS-B and ACARS by aircraft. Continue reading How to receive and decode ADS-B and ACARS GPS signals from aircraft with RTL-SDR

HackRF Open Source SDR raises $100 000 in 12 hours!

Since may 2013, first HackRF in beta were distributed for free, hundreds of Jawbreaker release have been distributed to developers and beta testers and tested for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), Bluetooth, spectre analysis, detection wireless microphones and more.

Today HackRF enter the contest on Kickstarter and raises $ 100 000 in less than 12 hours! And there are still 34 days before deadline for subscription… This gonna to be Huge!

Original goal was $ 80,000 for the project to be launched and a marketed product outdated. Official public launch expected early next year, 2014 and it will be a revolution in the world of radio-communication.

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