I will re-activate the amateur radio station FG/F1JXQ on these bands : 144mhz, 50Mhz and of course 28Mhz in SSB, between July 24, 2006 and August 14, 2006.

The hours of activation will be variable in the course of the day (hey these is also holidays) and the simplest way to reach the station is to consult DX clusters or eHam DX Spot to see if the amateur radio station is on the air or not.

CQ frequencies used, except QRM :

144.350 MHz on 2 meters band 50.200 MHz on 6 meters band 28.500 MHz out on 10 meters band

The conditions of traffic are rather QRP with 100 Watts and mobile antennas or portable : an omnidirectional Bi-band 144/430Mhz, an antenna 5/8 Santiago 1200 for the 28Mhz and a wire antenna homemade for the 50Mhz. The tranceiver still the same : ICOM MKGII for all bands.

Usually in this period, the DX propagation is very good in direction of Americas and of Europe.

We make QSO ? Feel free to leave a message here with your station radio website address !

I like to receive regular QSL Cards by post, the old and classical way for my collection and to confirm a QSO. I am 100% QSL Cards confirmed and also throught eQSL.cc for eletronic QSL card.

Hope to catch you soon on the air !

73′ S David


David F1JXQ - Ham Radio - Web 2.0 - QTH France (Aix les Bains 73) Locator JN25wq - Former TO1USB and FG/F1JXQ - 14Mhz - 28Mhz - 50 Mhz - 144Mhz - SSB & PSK31 DX