By chance, it was organized the week-end of 5 and 6 march a US Contest on 10 meters band. Hundred of contacts in few hours, a cool pill up from FG.

What is a pill up ? Dozen, hundred CQ on the same time, very exiting but also difficult to allow a maximum of chance from anyone to get a progressive number. I try to do my best with hundred of contacts in 2 hours. Here is some callsign, I would like to thanks for QSO: IZ0EGA, K4AGA, W4DF, W4DVG, W9NDL, ,W4YE, W4DNZ, K4ENC, W5WMU, W7YAQ, KB6ATT, KB4UUA, K4ORA, N4HN, KB5FET, WN4DX, NJ2F, N0FD, KJ4RC, AA4RX, N6AR, WT5L, W4CEO, N4GKF, W7QF, N4DMD, N4KG, W7IUO, N2MFT, K4NNI, K4SV, K4ADR, K4ADR, K4YV, K6XX, K4APG, K6IDX, K5RR, N7TT, W4KS, N6EE, K5UA, N1RM, N7ZR, K8KFK, K7TD, N0KE, K6WA, ND4X, NK7U, W0AIH, WV4I, W6EEN, KG4USN, AD4UL, NF4A, W7RAI, W6RKC, KC8IMB, N4HH, KI5XP, N2BJ, N4NX, W4R, N2LEC, W9SX,, N4BH, W0PV, W2KN, N1VR, AI4FR, W4RAE, N2VA, KE3J, N2JJ, N1DD, W3OA, N3RS, K4GHS, KD5JAA, W2FP, KE2N, K5NA, W4JVN, W4RNR, W0C2E, W3RS, N8RA, N3FX, N1RK, K2WA, W3GK, K4LTA, W2NY, W7KPZ, K4BAI, WA2VUY, W1GQ, K3MD, W4MYA, N4NW, W1QA, N4NO, N8II, K1AE, K5YA, W8ZA, W6YI, KA8Q, N4EHT, KU6T, AF70, W4ARM, K6OWL, WX4G, W6QU, HP3BS, LU3MAM, LU1FQ, LU6EK, LU6FUY, PY2SBY, PY2SRB, PY2PAL, PY4SPL, XQ4ZW.


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