Discovered thanks to the excellent blog of Laurent F1JKJ, Clublog recently published comprehensive statistics based on QSO logs, ordered by HF bands and transmission mode, for over 40 years, from 1970 to 2010 !

Statistics of QSO made on HF amateur radio bands


Statistics of QSO made by amateur radio bands HF


Source : Clublog

As Laurent points out, CW remains stable over time and digital modes are growing to the detriment of voice QSO.

Indeed, CW still the most used mode with 45% of QSO made, 42% for voice QSO, and finally the digital modes (RTTY, PSK31, ROS, …) counting for 13% of all the QSOs.

Clublog become more powerfull with your blog uploaded online, you will get a set of comprehensive statistics on your own business on air.

Coulb be a good idea and time to update or upload your logs (.ADIF format).

Sign up online and then go to upload, for free.

There is also HRDLog which also offers statistics from your traffic log and give additional tools to Clublog.

HRDLog offers the advantage of being able to publish directly on your website in real time your last QSO with details or not.

To operate HRDlog based on Ham Radio Deluxe software suite and Hamlog module that automatically synchronizes each new QSO logged on the PC to the online service.

When your radio station is connected to the PC and hamradio Deluxe 5, an icon « On Air »appears and shows your status on the air to your blog or your website :


HRDLog widget allows many settings to display yours QSO and also a world map with details of last QSO, for example station F1JXQ:


To install on your website or blog, create your widget on HRDLog.


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