Demographics of americain amateur radio: Who is US ham radio?

Thanks to studies made before with the TOP 20 amateur radio websites in US, we can know a little more about the ham radio users on Internet.

The following figures are based on analysis of 570,000 unique visitors and 55 million page views, only for the month of December 2010, using Google Ad Planner.

demography-amateur-radio-usGooole says: Ham radio in US is a male at 66% more than 35 years old for 80%, mainly with some college education for 52% and a household income more than 50 000 $ for 59% of them.

Did you reconognize yourself in this description ?

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3 thoughts on “Demographics of americain amateur radio: Who is US ham radio?”

  1. I am just an old ham, a 56 year old roof cleaner in Tampa, lucky to make 30.000 a year here in the terrible Tampa Florida economy. Ka7niq

  2. Ham radio in US as well as in other parts of the world has made history in times where cell phones and pagers where non existent.

    Ham radio operators are some of the best people to befriend with as they have an insatiable desire to know more and more.

    It’s no wonder they make at least double of the per capita income.

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