Google Earth & Maps: Japan Earthquake & Tsunami pictures before/after

Following the earthquake and devastating tsunami that hurt Japan, Google has worked with satellite imagery provider GeoEye to get the latest pictures of the earthquake and the worst affected areas in Japan.

Here are pictures before and after the earthquake and tsunami, available on Google Earth.

Picture of Yuriage in Natori (Japan)


Fukushima nuclear plant after Japan Quake


Sendai aeroport before/after picture

japan earthquake tsunami sendai aeroport

Tomioka near Fukushima after japan quake tsunami


Fukushima nuclear plant explosion Japan


To view high resolution images of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan on Google Earth, download the KML file available.

Satellite pictures source: Google Latlong blog

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  1. Ka7niq Here. My friend who lives near me here in Tampa has family in Japan. She hit the roof when she heard on the possible meltdown. We also have nuclear power plants here in Tampa, and were scared for those people in Japan.

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