PH9HB/AM: Ham radio operating from a Boeing 737

ph9hb-ham-radio-pilotThese days SWL Denis F-11217 and ham radio operator F1USC report QSO made with an amateur radio operatoring in “Aeronautical Mobile” which is how we determine an amateur in flight, after the area code, the / AM is added.

PH9HB/AM regularly fly to northern Europe and is often active on 17 meters band, it comes in regular contact with radio amateurs from a Boeing 737-400 et 737-800. The airborne equipment consists of a Collins HFS900D which works on USB and AM, it can use 400 watts PEP. The antenna is of the shunt-fed slotted type, situated in the vertical end of the tailsection.

ph9hb-boeing 737-800-qsl
QSL of PH9HB from Boeing 737

Jerry passed his ham radio exam back in 1985 at the age of 20, and his first callsign was HB9SJL. Two years later he decide to become a pilot. After flying on business jets for over 10 years, he now fly Boeing 737 NG for a Dutch carrier based at Amsterdam.

PH9HB/am have worked some interesting DX stations and he usually stay around 14.325 / 14.210 MHz or 18.165 MHz +/- QRM.

Here is the last QSO reporting on the DX Cluster for PH9HB/AM:

QSO DX Cluster ph9hb/am

Follow Jerry on to see his schedule for upcoming flights as PH9HB/am.

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6 thoughts on “PH9HB/AM: Ham radio operating from a Boeing 737”

  1. Thanks so much Jerry for working your brother Hams from the “Crowded Skies”. It reminds me of an AM contact I had back in the 80’s shortly after received my General ticket. I worked a fellow in a lear jet who was leaving Canada. I worked him late in the evening all the way to his destination in North Carolina. As a new General, you can imagine how excited I was.
    Good flying Jerry and I hope to find you in the skies someday myself!
    Jerry – N1TKO

  2. to F1JXQ,

    Thanks for writing about my aeronautical mobile ops from Boeing 737 NG.
    What amazes me: you write copyright on your site but never asked if you may use my pictures which you obviously took off… also knows a copyright…!!!

    Anything you use from (text or pictures) need prior approval before you may use it on any other public website!!!

    yy 73

    1. Hi Jerry,

      Please accept my apologize to don’t have put more clearly a link to the source of the 2 pictures from QRZ. There is already on your callsign a link pointing to your QRZ webpages.

      So I have put a second link at the end of the article (in strong), hope it’s better this way.


  3. Ka7niq Here Jerry!
    I just have a vertical on my roof here in Tampa, too much RF in the shack on 17 meters, but hope to work you one day, you had a very clean signal here into Tampa when I heard you on 17 meters.

  4. HI Jerry
    It was my first experience this morning when i made contact with an aeronautical mobile Boing 737 on ham radio.
    I say thank you very much Jerry hope to hear again from your aero shack.
    73 good luck

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