How to track Hurricane Irene Live in New York?

Severals kind of services are available online to track Hurricane Irene, which is the first of the 2011 hurricane season in the Atlantic.

For the first time also, the City of New York had to be ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city for 370 000 people. In the East Coast of the United States, nearly 1 million people have had to be evacuated. Hurricane Irene has a diameter of about 820 km, the equivalent of almost 1/3 third of the total length of the U.S. east coast.

LiveStream Hurricane Irene

A special livestream of Hurricane Irene live broadcast from Manhattan:

Hurricane Irene Live

StormPulse offers a map and updated data in real time:


Live Webcam New-York


Webcam 5 fifth avenue New York:


Follow hunters cyclones and hurricanes live

It is also possible to follow the hunters through cyclones maps, updated live, their locations and their activities broadcast video


Twitter accounts related to hurricane:

  • @twc_hurricane: The Weather Channel’s hurricane central account shares the latest updates on Irene’s location
  • @NYCMayorsOffice: Official info for New Yorkers on evacuation and transportation
  • @FEMA and @CraigatFEMA: tips and latest updates on Hurricane Irene

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