Unrevealed! Top 20 US Amateur Radio 2.0 for Google

Google launch a number of innovative services, so many that it’s not so easy to follow and know them all, or sometimes to understand the real value or interest.

This may be the case with Google Ad Planner, primarly an online tool to create media plans and advertising on Internet and Google.

So what is the relationship with amateur radio?

Doubleclick / Google Adplanner, lets us know which websites have the more unique visitors, page views, in any given topic, and for ham radio too !

In other words Google knows and reveals “approximate” statistics for any websites or blogs (except those from Google of course) and making more than 2 to 3,000 visitors per day.

This tool provides the first classification, objective and based on the audience of amateur sites in the U.S., here for the month of January 2011.
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How to Twitter for hamradio operator

Twitter? Everyone have heard about it but few hamradio actually use it for real.

Twitter is a microblogging platform, that allow to broadcast a tweet, a short message of 140 characters to share an information.

The platform has proved useful for example during major events, such as Haiti or Tunisia.

For hamradio, the tool can also help to develop new practices and uses.


Some twitter example of uses for OM

– Follow in real time amateur radio news;
– Subscribe to alert services from DX Cluster;
– Share photos, videos and live impressions during a contest, an activation;
– Tell your friends (followers) your geographical position and send a signal online to indicate his activity on air, in real time;
– Relaying weather alerts, emergency messages, support;
– Etc.

Feel free to share comments about other idea to use Twitter for amateurs radio.

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PSK Reporter : DX propagation tool in real time

There is software whose name can be misleading about their full functionality and purpose, it’s the case for the impressive of simplicity and efficiency new PSK Reporter, that offer a new way for real time monitoring of DX propagation and vizualisation on Google Maps from a simple web browser: http://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html


PSK Reporter does not support only PSK digital mode and also manages many others radio signals from all ham radio bands in RTTY, SSTV, ROS, and for the most resistant to digital modes of you, PSK Reporter also support CW (Morse). Continue reading PSK Reporter : DX propagation tool in real time