Demographics of americain amateur radio: Who is US ham radio?

Thanks to studies made before with the TOP 20 amateur radio websites in US, we can know a little more about the ham radio users on Internet.

The following figures are based on analysis of 570,000 unique visitors and 55 million page views, only for the month of December 2010, using Google Ad Planner.

demography-amateur-radio-usGooole says: Ham radio in US is a male at 66% more than 35 years old for 80%, mainly with some college education for 52% and a household income more than 50 000 $ for 59% of them.

Did you reconognize yourself in this description ?

Unrevealed! Top 20 US Amateur Radio 2.0 for Google

Google launch a number of innovative services, so many that it’s not so easy to follow and know them all, or sometimes to understand the real value or interest.

This may be the case with Google Ad Planner, primarly an online tool to create media plans and advertising on Internet and Google.

So what is the relationship with amateur radio?

Doubleclick / Google Adplanner, lets us know which websites have the more unique visitors, page views, in any given topic, and for ham radio too !

In other words Google knows and reveals “approximate” statistics for any websites or blogs (except those from Google of course) and making more than 2 to 3,000 visitors per day.

This tool provides the first classification, objective and based on the audience of amateur sites in the U.S., here for the month of January 2011.
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