How to track Hurricane Irene Live in New York?

Severals kind of services are available online to track Hurricane Irene, which is the first of the 2011 hurricane season in the Atlantic.

For the first time also, the City of New York had to be ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city for 370 000 people. In the East Coast of the United States, nearly 1 million people have had to be evacuated. Hurricane Irene has a diameter of about 820 km, the equivalent of almost 1/3 third of the total length of the U.S. east coast.

LiveStream Hurricane Irene

A special livestream of Hurricane Irene live broadcast from Manhattan:

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Following Hurricane Irene in New York with Google Maps in real time

Because Hurricane Irene heads up the eastern seaboard and New York, where 250,000 people were evacuated due, Google Maps is providing update of its service real-time tracking of storms, as well as forecastsof rain and hurricanes impacts.

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The service is available in the Google Crisis Response project, already used in the past for example for the earthquake in Haiti, and available here:

You can also check the new Google Maps Weather Forceast services :

google-maps-weather-ireneAvailable here.