How to Twitter for hamradio operator

Twitter? Everyone have heard about it but few hamradio actually use it for real.

Twitter is a microblogging platform, that allow to broadcast a tweet, a short message of 140 characters to share an information.

The platform has proved useful for example during major events, such as Haiti or Tunisia.

For hamradio, the tool can also help to develop new practices and uses.


Some twitter example of uses for OM

– Follow in real time amateur radio news;
– Subscribe to alert services from DX Cluster;
– Share photos, videos and live impressions during a contest, an activation;
– Tell your friends (followers) your geographical position and send a signal online to indicate his activity on air, in real time;
– Relaying weather alerts, emergency messages, support;
– Etc.

Feel free to share comments about other idea to use Twitter for amateurs radio.

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PH9HB/AM: Ham radio operating from a Boeing 737

ph9hb-ham-radio-pilotThese days SWL Denis F-11217 and ham radio operator F1USC report QSO made with an amateur radio operatoring in “Aeronautical Mobile” which is how we determine an amateur in flight, after the area code, the / AM is added.

PH9HB/AM regularly fly to northern Europe and is often active on 17 meters band, it comes in regular contact with radio amateurs from a Boeing 737-400 et 737-800. The airborne equipment consists of a Collins HFS900D which works on USB and AM, it can use 400 watts PEP. The antenna is of the shunt-fed slotted type, situated in the vertical end of the tailsection.
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Follow F1JXQ on air with Twitter !

Twitter F1JXQ Ham radioDo you know Twitter ? If yes, you already have understood how to take benefit from the Twitter service for hamradio activity.

I decided to try the service during my modest FG/F1JXQ Dxpedition next 2 to 20 august 2007, to see how it could help and mainly because I will not be on air everyday and at same hour.

If you never heard about Twitter, it a web service that will, for example, allow me with my telephone to send a SMS to announce on my Twitter : F1JXQ, when I am QRV, up and ready for pillup 😉 Continue reading Follow F1JXQ on air with Twitter !