First report from Guadeloupe Island for 2-3-4 august 2007 : The conditions of propagation are very low, probably the badest I ever seen from years here in Guadeloupe Island. The good news is that it can’t be more low, and it will begin to rise from now…

On 20m, the most active band, I’ve heard on 2-3 august strong Bresilan and American station and ham radio station from some part of south america (Chilie, Nicaragua, Venezuela) but not able to make QSO with my 100w and a mobile vertical matched antenna 🙁

So I decided to put a better base antenna tuned for 20 meters band on 4 august and the results was much more better : I make my first QSO using TO1USB with DL0BUB/P, DB7OB, MM1DQV and with Canadian and American ham radio station with very nice report 59 and 59+ with Europe.

Here is my portable working conditions :


On 10m band, the band is very quiet, there are a lot more activity on 27.455 and 27.555, which are the best frequency to detect high propagation and sporadic E, to then try it on 28Mhz.

On 6 meters band : silent until now !

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73 de TO1USB


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  1. Salut David
    Merci pour le reportage et la photo de la station ,il manque cependant la photo de l’om bon trafic ,a bientot te lire . MARC FG5IM

  2. Salut Marc, merci pour ton message, je prépare un reportage plus complet et promis avec une photo de l’OM cette fois 🙂 73

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