There is software whose name can be misleading about their full functionality and purpose, it’s the case for the impressive of simplicity and efficiency new PSK Reporter, that offer a new way for real time monitoring of DX propagation and vizualisation on Google Maps from a simple web browser:


PSK Reporter does not support only PSK digital mode and also manages many others radio signals from all ham radio bands in RTTY, SSTV, ROS, and for the most resistant to digital modes of you, PSK Reporter also support CW (Morse).

How does PSK Reporter works ?

The system transmits signals over the air, it simply uses the existing signals that are transmitted by radio amateurs calling CQ.

This approach is different from other tools that monitor propagation, it offers the advantage of relying on a network of listening stations and surveillance all around the world, which provides better coverage without using bandwidth.

In the first level of use, there is no need to have a ham radio license to become a monitor station.

To start, all that is required is an antenna, a radio receiver, a computer and an internet connection to activate a SWL monitor station and send reports online.

If you have an amateur licence, PSK Reporter will give you the ability to monitor your station for listenning and sending signal to let you see how far you transmit almost instantanly. PSK Reporter send automatically your last QSO to the log available online.

Exemple for F1JXQ callsign :

psk reporter-propagation-f1jxq

How to install PSK Reporter?

For Windows users, there is not really installation or software required, and there is even a good chance that you have already installed but not activated it yet.

Indeed PSK Reporter is already embeded in the famous software Ham Radio Deluxe 5 with DM780 module, that you can download here :

Configuring PSK Reporter HRD Deluxe and Digital Master 780 is quite simple. In the DM780 module, click on « Program Options », then « PSK Reporter » and check box « Enable updates » and « Log updates » :


Under Linux, PSK Reporter is integrated with fldigi 3.1 :

PSK Reporter is also available for ROS Software (for Windows), to activate it, go to « Skeds » option  :


2 extra features PSK Reporter

?To get the list of the 10 best frequency for your location (based on geolocating your IP) : addresse :

7040000 107 48 3 2
7000000 40 5 1 0
7010000 20 2 2 0
3600000 15 4 1 1
7030000 15 2 1 0
10140000 15 3 1 0
3590000 8 2 2 0
14240000 5 1 1 0
# frequency score #spots #tx #rx
# grid JN%, 30 mins

Lot of interessting statistics about PSK Automatic Propagation Reporter:

Number of active transmitters over the last week

top active monitor pskreporter
psk-reporter-top active-monitor

Rare DXCC on air

Most rare dxcc psk reporter
Most rare dxcc with psk reporter

In 2010, September they are 200 to 400 active monitors depending of the day of the week. It’s enought to get reports from US and Europe and it take usually 1 week to report 100 country, depending of your working condition.


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