TM0RWC World cup of Rugby 2007 Contest in France

The World cup of Rugby 2007 proceeds this year in France and, on this occasion, the Ref-Union agreed to promote our activity within the framework of this sporting event.

World cup of Rugby 2007 TM0RWC Contest have received several projects of activation for this World cup, the REF-Union named F5UDW coordinator of this activity DCMR (Diploma World cup of Rugby). The project of the ARALA (Association of the Radio hams of Loire-Atlantique) was adopted, F5UDW thus directed all Om having good ideas towards Rene F5APM responsible for this project. Continue reading TM0RWC World cup of Rugby 2007 Contest in France

Warning of increased geomagnetic activity and DX propagation

Sunspot numbers pulled up from 0 this week, but barely. Average daily sunspot numbers rose over nine points to 12.9. Geomagnetic conditions were quiet. Conditions have been quiet for so long that we may not appreciate this, as many of us wish for more solar activity and sunspots.

It wasn’t long ago when we had more sunspots, but the accompanying geomagnetic activity made conditions difficult. Check the Planetary A index in October 2002, April, June, September and December 2003, and into January 2004. For 2003, check For any other year, just change 2003 toward the end of the URL, and to check sunspot numbers change DGD to DSD at the end of the URL. Continue reading Warning of increased geomagnetic activity and DX propagation

TM5KD Contest IARU VHF 2006

News reported by F5OZK : The team of the Radio-Club of Sevran F5KKD have participated to the contest IARU VHF 2006, on cliff at “Mers les Bains” in north France (Dept: 80), under the callsign TM5KD in QTH Locator: JO00QB. They report that the VHF propagation was rather poor this year and they have some troubles with weather, storm, wind, rain and antenna. 340 QSO’s in 10 countries, 71 locators and a DX of 814 km, which is not so bad with this kind of conditions. As TM5KD says “The most important is to participate !”.

Here is a short presentation of TM5KD radio station at Mers les Bains :

The impressive 4×14 elements VHF

TM5KD radio ham station and ham radio equipement

See the quality of the equipement, everything is homemade that’s very “rare” nowadays, that sounds F5PMB amazing work behind 🙂

More pictures of TM5KD Contest IARU VHF 2006.

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