Solar storm & Southern Aurora Lights Alert: The season begins!

The recent period of low solar activity seems to be over.

Sunspots appear everywhere on the solar disk and one of them the 1226 sunspotactivity shows a very strong, creating a geomagnetic storm on Earth. Solar wind speed 643.2 km / sec, density of 2.4 protons/cm3.

So far, none of these blasts had no effect on the earth, but this is changing as the active region turned toward Earth in the coming days.

This activity allow us these beautiful pictures of Southern Aurora Lights by Ian Stewart via, aurora australis, seen in Tasmania, Australia May 29, 2011.

southern aurora australis lights australia

DX propgation is back and here to stay from now!

Propagation and radio report #1 from TO1USB

First report from Guadeloupe Island for 2-3-4 august 2007 : The conditions of propagation are very low, probably the badest I ever seen from years here in Guadeloupe Island. The good news is that it can’t be more low, and it will begin to rise from now…

On 20m, the most active band, I’ve heard on 2-3 august strong Bresilan and American station and ham radio station from some part of south america (Chilie, Nicaragua, Venezuela) but not able to make QSO with my 100w and a mobile vertical matched antenna 🙁 Continue reading Propagation and radio report #1 from TO1USB