Today, it become easy to display where and when we are « on air » and to display it in real time such as on your page, twitter or on your own blog, like here:


Necessary equipment

– A transceiver, it’s better 🙂
– A cable to connect the transceiver to the PC, I use here USB Interface III from microHAM
– Deluxe HRD Deluxe Software (version 5 recommended, free), to control all types of transceivers from the computer
– An account on the site HRD Log (free)
– An account on (free and optional)
– A blog where you can add a portion of HTML / Javascript
– An Internet connection

How to configure it

Step 1:  connect your radio to your PC

Make sure that the control between the computer and the transceiver is working correctly: frequency and modes change, PTT, receiving and transmission signals, everything has to work fine from here before moving on to the configuration of the widget

Step 2: Configure HRD Deluxe software

Create an account Log on HRD and in HRD Logbook software, go to: Configure>

Then add the login and password HRDLog account, check the boxes « Upload » and « On Air »


Step 3: Create the script and HTML code

Login HRDLog site and go to « Create the script« , then configure display mode to IFRAME and check « Show information about the air », the rest can be configured as you like:


Get the HTML created and copy it.

Step 4: Display « on air » on your page or blog

To add the real-time display of the logo « On air », the frequency and the transceiver used on, copy the HTML code in the Biography section on in « Add or Edit your biography » :


Then click on « Source » to view the source code of the biography page, please do not copy the code in the visible part!


Copy the code where you want to display the widget information « on air. »

If you have a website or blog, you can paste the same way, the HTML code into the source code of the page where you want to display the « On air » widget HRDLog.

Note: Depending on the edition of blogging platform you use, some do not accept the addition of IFRAME or Javascript code. WordPress stand alone version recommended.

Step 5: Send a tweet when your are « on air »

If you want, you can display in real time your « on air » activity, directly on twitter!

You need of course a twitter account (create one here), and go to the twitter control panel of HRDLog, attach your twitter account, then choose which kind of tweet to send:


Use with caution, do not bother your timeline with too many tweets!

Step 6: Display worked DXCC countries on Facebook

Go to the Facebook control panel, attach your Facebook account, then click « Post worked countries »:



A great thing and new feature would be to edit and personalize the text and parameters of tweets and Facebook statuts.

You put the « on air » statut on your blog, page ? Let’s put your link in comment. 73



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